9 thoughts on “THE SECOND VICTIM: Another Person Comes Forward Accusing Teacher of Past Sexual Molestation

  1. This is why Vladimir Putin outlaws homosexual influence on children…. Now
    do we realize it ??????????

  2. Welcome to the national sex offenders registry. You are officially NEVER
    allowed to be around children again.

    I’m so happy that another person came forward. I hope that Jamie (the first
    known victim) is able to change the law or sue the school district for
    neglecting to do a thorough background check on the predator. Even if they
    missed it with Jamie, this woman molested (raped?) another girl in 2010.
    It’s impossible that there’s no cases on this. I will be dumbfounded if
    there isn’t. 

  3. omg. we got her in 1999. she must have resigned in the spring and we got
    her in the fall. we all loved her. how sad.

  4. Jamie is a liar! Wait until the truth comes out and you are humiliated in
    front of millions. What your doing to cardosa you should be ashamed of
    yourself. All you are looking for is money and attention. You ruined a
    women’s life to get it, and you call her the monster!! This wasn’t you
    reaching out to make a stand for others. This was your broke ass trying to
    cash out. Don’t fake cry and play a victim. I’ve been a victim to numerous
    rapes, and abuse as a child. I must say the way your letting this roll out
    your mouth, is an awful sight. It sickens me to watch someone, FAKE a
    horrible incident in there life just out of hate for a truly amazing woman.
    Be ashamed jamie!! Sooner or later the world will find out that everything
    you said was a lie, and all you did was waist millions of peoples time. Not
    to mention ruin a women’s life, that millions of people looked up to. Thank
    you for ruining that for people for your own selfish needs. see you in

  5. An Lil mizz Brooklyn how could she be lieing if u watch the video she
    admitted to it u must be a special kind of stupid

  6. Gays and lesbians should not be allowed to work in any jobs which bring
    them in contact with children. They cannot reproduce, so they must recruit.

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