16 thoughts on “The Courage To Heal Child Sexual Abuse

  1. Hi Air, I wish you well with your efforts to establish an on-line group to
    support one another through these writing exercises/healing process. I have
    added this to my resources playlist for Child Sexual Abuse survivors. I
    hope you are well my friend. :o)

  2. Hi Lili, Thank you for your kindness, encouragement and adding this as a
    resource. It does help to know we are in this together. Happy to call you
    friend. I hope you are well too. :O)

  3. Sure. I am having trouble now right before midnight, and I think the
    internet is great.

  4. bankers5904, I haven’t been on YT for a long time. How are you doing now?
    I’m having a little trouble but working through it.

  5. really? I have it, but everyone tells me it’s awful to go through and
    really hard and hurtful and upsetting, to not do that book. the stuff is
    harsh I hear…

  6. I have this book…and it´s helping…God, this is the first thing that
    really helped me

  7. Although almost all child molesters are male less than 3 percent of men are
    homosexual yet about a third of all child sex abuse cases involve
    homosexual men molesting boys — and in one study, 86% of molesters were
    homosexual or bisexual,” CNSNews.com October 03, 2006

  8. Try citing a source other than a propaganda mouthpiece like CNS
    (Conservative News Service) that is in the pay of the Christian right
    before pretending to speak authoritively about as serious an issue as child
    sexual abuse. As difficult as it is for survivors to speak out, the last
    thing they need is for their personal experience to be hijacked for crass
    political purposes.

  9. I think the problem is how you are defining homosexual. The majority of
    molestors who abuse boys identify as, and live the lives of, hetrosexuals.
    They often are married and have children. Molesting children of the same
    sex does not indicate homosexuality, but rather a perversion of sexual
    desire directed towards male children specifically. You are also lumping
    pedophiles in with opportunistic sexual offenders, sexual sadists, and
    disorganized sexual offenders, all of whom pray on children.

  10. Courage to heal is the text book on how to create a clinical cult. Invent a
    disorder, tell people they have it, isolate them from those who do not
    agree, love bomb the client when he agrees, isolate them when they don’t,
    rise, lather, repeat. The book is not bad science, its not poorly written,
    it is evil.

  11. it boggles me that such an unscientific, erroneous and misleading pile of
    rubbish written by authors with no academic training can still be taken
    seriously even by a small number of people. but thats the story of the
    human race isn’t it?

  12. Why do some people say this book is bad but others say its helpful and or

  13. This Workbook and Textbook were what was used when I went to a residential
    treatment center for Eating disorders (Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia
    Nervosa) and the root cause of my Eating disorders was childhood abuse (all
    types) several years ago. Three times per week I attended therapy classes
    for adult females who were victims of sexual abuse, rape, etc. Due to these
    group therapy sessions, I and other individual victims became victorious,
    survivors, and recovery over my Eating disorders. I have been an advocate,
    supporter, educator, for individuals who are struggling with their Eating
    disorders and Childhood Sexual Abuse and other types of Abuse Advocate. All
    methods of communication are confidential. Good luck. You can do it! Happy
    Hanukkah and other holidays to come. Peace

  14. this book makes very good toilet paper, and when you are surviving on a low
    income as a result of circumstances beyond ones control that is very

  15. to Walthalm1892…OK an invented disorder? What planet are you from. Get
    back to me after your birth father holds you down as a child and forcibly
    sodomizes YOU hundreds of times, then you tell me the cumulative negative
    effects of child sexual abuse are a made up “Disorder”. Sheesh

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