2 thoughts on “The Abused Addict: One Man’s Journey of Recovery from Sexual Abuse

  1. KUDOS & GREAT SUCCESS for both Rachel Grant Coaching & David Pittman!!!
    Excellent work, congrats on sharing some information which is extremely
    helpful for survivors of sexual abuse. Addiction is a big part of trying to
    bury who we really are and become someone who does not have the pain to
    carry around. I used weed for a very long time as my drug of choice. We all
    seem to cling to something to help us hide the feelings of shame. It is the
    judgement we fear, and it is that fear which causes a lot of the extreme
    panic we can never seem to calm down. Everyday we circle around trying to
    be ‘NORMAL’ and just live a life which society expects us to continue
    forward despite whatever torture or pain we might be carrying around
    inside. Huge love & respect to both Rachel Grant & definitely Dave Pittman
    for being so brave and helping so many others find their voice. Courage &
    strength survivors, you will find you way through your battles, NEVER GIVE
    UP ON THE MIRACLE OF YOU **Have to share that Rachel Grant is a
    broadcasting talk radio host on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio!!! How truly
    amazing to have her on our network!!!**

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