9 thoughts on “Symptoms Found Among The Survivors of Sexual Abuse

  1. oneinsix-dot-org..malesurvivor-dot-org…many many helpfull links on these
    sites.. .there are people who will listen and help…It IS NOT your fault.
    It was never your fault.

  2. I disagree. It can be on a case by case basis. While some people are born
    gay, I feel like someone can also chose to be gay if the opposite gender
    makes them feel uncomfortable and they would rather not live an asexual
    lifestyle (if they found someone who they can trust).

  3. These symptoms can make quite a tangled fabric, difficult to unweave. There
    is so much stigma and shame around many of these- and so much self harm-
    that getting to the point where the survivor understands they are not to
    blame is a major achievement. I say: “The fact that someone hurt you is not
    your fault; it is common for people who have been hurt that way to then
    hurt themselves and others. Hurting yourself might even feel good, but
    being healthy is your birthright, and is still possible.”

  4. So, all of the SSX are also associated with a multitude of reasons of
    anything that could be considered some sort of emotional or physical
    “trauma”. Sexual abuse is one among probably thousands of reasons. Not this
    easy…Both my wife and I both have these SSX due to two totally different
    life events. Not helpful, only more confusing.

  5. this video is the truth. i suffered many of these symptoms as a survivor.
    some till this very day. thanks for this video. i am now in counseling all
    these many years later. 

  6. I have suffered most of my life with all of these except psychosis. I’m now
    40 and seeing a trauma therapist. I thank you for this. I WIll do better.

  7. For me it is depression, panic attacks and hyper sexuality. My entire life
    has been driven by the fetishes my abuser indoctrinated me into.

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