5 thoughts on “Shattered Soul? Five Pathways to Healing the Spirit after Abuse and Trauma

  1. Hi, I am just learning that I have been living “if you want to call it
    living” I think it’s been more like just existing than living. I was
    accused of rape 26 years ago and just within the past couple of years I
    realize how traumatized and utterly broken spiritually mentally emotionally
    and physically I have become. just being accused of rape does something to
    the very soul of a person that I don’t I know if there can never be
    complete healing!

  2. I spent 6 months in jail and in the end I wound up pleading guilty to a
    lesser charge even know I did not do that charge nor did I rape anyone. my
    parents nor any of my family could afford an attorney so a court appointed
    attorney was given to me. during the investigation it was determined that
    her stepfather and then molesting her for some time she was 14 and I was 21
    at the time by the way.

  3. I completely lost all faith in humanity my good name and my dignity was
    taken away from me actually I was raped! it is such a long story to try to
    text out here it’s just too emotionally draining for me to do so. I had
    thought that I had forgiven her because she had been molested and I thought
    that I could understand but really I don’t understand how 1 person can do
    something evil to another person because someone was doing something evil
    to them???

  4. there is no such thing as it is it until proven guilty! we do not have a
    justice system we have a legal system! after I was finally out of jail my
    life took an unexpected turn down hill. I began using drugs a lot of them
    and drinking daily. I hated God and people especially the court system. I
    felt I could not trust anyone especially women even know it was a girl that
    accused me of raping her to me it was the same and I had a very difficult
    time trusting women.

  5. What a heart-breaking story. I’m only 6 mins into this. I have no idea how
    someone can recover from such an experience.

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