1. Can you approve my post on your Facebook page? Its quite crazy! :D

  2. I was waiting for you to comment on this .
    I’m disgusted , upset , confused , bereaved .. Feeling all sorts of
    emotions as I’m sure all youtubers who were subscribed to these people are
    . Bless the victims , I just hope everyone feels they can let their voice
    be heard and stop these morons doing any more harm xx 

  3. Not subscribed to a single one of them. I’m a good judge of character
    apparently lol.

  4. That tumblr post in the description…. Unfortunately, it included some of
    my favorite youtubers. (Some of whom I hadn’t realized WHY exactly they had
    dropped off the face of the planet.) It saddens me that some
    youtubers/celebrities, especially those with HUGE fan bases like Sam and
    Alex, abuse their platforms like this, but the fact that the community is
    coming together like they are puts a smile on my face regardless. <3 You

  5. YouTube has become the exact replica of what happened early last year with
    Jimmy Saville/Cliff Richards/Freddie Star etc. people are finally being
    caught out and it’s brilliant! They are getting their punishment. But the
    effects are there for the victims and that’ll never go away. They’ll spend
    the rest of their lives with the mental/physical scars made upon them and
    that’s what makes this even worse. I am happy to say I have never had
    anything happen to me that I’d class a assualt but I’m sure that if it did
    I’d do the safest thing and l’d leave but we never know until we are in
    that position. As people, we yearn to please others but there should be a
    significant difference between doing someone a favour and keeping quiet
    about where they are touching you because you don’t want to ‘displease
    them’. The best thing that would help would be if ‘hardcore’ fans nowadays
    respected themselves and didn’t lie about their age just to gain interest
    from the celebrity. Its all about safe guarding: Don’t lie about your age,
    don’t trust people on the internet (even if they are a YouTuber) and
    realise that only you have a right to your body. I feel bad for the girls
    who lied about their age hoping to start this imagined relationship with
    the celebrities but ended up being sexually assaulted instead, and trust me
    when I say that’s what happens with most of these cases. But it’s never
    their fault, it’s their mistake but not their fault. It’s the offenders
    fault. Hopefully we’ll catch them all and YouTube will finally be safe. 

  6. wait ……you can sexually abuse people over the internet!…….the
    internet really is the best thing ever yay!

  7. This was amazingly well said. I really like the fact you talked about how
    this happens in society too and not just on youtube. Thank you for linking
    my video too!


  9. Is’t it a bit sad/strange that all the people who have had accusations and
    or evidance against them are all men

  10. i’m SO DAMN shocked. i didn’t know about this and thank god i wasn’t
    subscribed to those awful youtubers.
    people need to understand they don’t know their favorite youtubers, you
    only see what they want to share, it’s 10% of their life, a few minutes in
    a day.
    fans MUST be cautious !
    BUT, it’s working the other way as well : i had some of my subs trying to
    talk to me in a way i don’t like (wanting to know me, asking for email or
    phone, skype calls etc) and i just ignored and block them. It was too
    scary. it’s important, as a youtuber as well, that i protect myself.
    it’s not just about the youtubers behavior towards fans, it’s also fans
    towards youtubers.
    those girls are reckless, if you’re 15, you don’t meet or give ur number to
    a 20 year old man. I’m not defending their bad behavior, i’m just sayin
    that it’s the fans jobs to be cautious and the parents job to tell their
    daughters to be cautious. This is for the youtube world and also for the
    world in general. There’s thousands of stories of young teenagers abused by
    young adults. It is WRONG but that’s not ENTIRELY the fault of the stalker.
    It’s not the victim’s fault either but in the beginning, parents should
    make it very cleary that it’s dangerous.
    i really hope that all the videos will help other girls and bring more
    they all agree that they made mistakes : Savannah gave her number and she
    regrets it, Ania said she was “fine with the alcohol initially” and she was
    the one who agreed to meet Jason in the first place, even though she was 15
    and he was 20.
    It’s true, those men did something terrible but a 15 year old girl is not
    stupid or immature like people are saying, i wasn’t dumb at 15 and i NEVER
    spoke to a older guy or gave my number. So i’m sorry if i sound rude but
    the men involded in this are not 100% responsible. It’s also the parent’s
    fault, the friends fault, the girl’s fault, the media’s and society faul’t.
    It’s more complicated than that.

    I’m not trying to defend the men involded here but the amount of pure hate
    and backlashing they had these past few days is insane. People are
    destroying their image and life. youtube is not a court, like others, they
    made a huge mistake, they took advantage of their position and abused girls
    but that doesn’t make them demons or inhuman. Their life is already ruined
    due to their behavior and actions and if people are still following them on
    their channel, it’s because they still believe those man can be better.
    even though i will not support them, i wil not hate on them either, i think
    they paid already and i’m not an executionner or a judge. I just hope
    people will learn from this.
    In the end, it’s still mostly the abuser fault’s since he took advantage of
    a not very smart girl’s behavior in the first place but still, all of this
    makes me sad .. it’s sad for the girls, it’s sad for the abusers, both
    sides destroyed, online identity destroyed … it’s a shame, really :(

  11. As someone who has only recently become aware of all this, I want to ask
    how many of the Youtubers listed have admitted their involvement or been
    convicted of crimes related to said accusations?

  12. I’m a little upset that not more youtubers have said something. Zoella and
    SprinkleofGlitter seem to be on their merry little launch party, not giving
    a flying fuck about this issue. Like, I’d expect them to say something. I
    assume they don’t want to as it might upset their audience, but they
    should. Especially since they’ve both put forth this image of trying to
    help people with self-image and stuff. I think they even made a video about
    abusive relationships?

    At this point it looks like it’s only the smaller youtubers that have the
    morals and the balls to say/do something.

    (And yes I know Tyler Oakley and Hannah Hart said stuff, but only on

  13. Great video Beckie, thank you for doing this! We’re linking through to this
    on our video – everyone needs to know

  14. I know my ears are pink, this is happening more and more with me – I hate

    If you bring up my ears (as many of you have) and I respond without humour,
    just understand that it’s not a compliment. I’m not being aggressive or
    forward, I’m truly fed up of people pointing it out. It’s not funny
    anymore. Not only is it an inappropriate off topic comment, but it makes me
    feel really down. I can’t control my ear colour – focus on my eyes or what
    I’m saying… not the hue of my ears!

  15. How can you abuse by means of a video? Can’t the viewer just turn off the
    video? Liberals, if they can’t make you the villain, they will make you a
    It is no wonder everyone is going over to UKIP in droves. 

  16. are you feminist becki? i’m sick of hearing those kind of morality all the
    time, we already know what kind of behavior is appropriate or not, i just
    saw sam pepper prank video, and honestly i found it more funny than
    anything, personally i won’t do that, but still think the video was ok, and
    he also did the prank the other way around with a girl doing it, now i
    think the problem with most girl is that you are way too much sensitive to
    things, you got hurt too quickly, the girls in sam ‘s video were even
    hugging him after the prank, i really don’t understand all the polemic

  17. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make public accusations like this. Right
    or wrong, if you name names and accuse, you better be ready to prove it, or
    you could be hit with a very expensive libel suite. And there is always the
    possibility that someone is being blackmailed with the threat of being
    accused of rape.

    I suspect that statistically, a large percentage of such accusations are
    legitimate. But like any other felony, proof beyond reasonable doubt is
    needed to convict a rapist. Youtube is just not the place to resolve these

  18. I don’t subscribe to any of the youtubers mentioned negatively (in fact the
    only one at all I sub to is laci green!) so this video was a major shock
    for me. I read all the links in the description and I’d hope that I’m now
    pretty well informed on the issue. Thank you for making this video and
    spreading awareness! I can appreciate how hard it must have been for you to
    try and know what to say/if you should say anything about this. X

  19. More things have come forward today and I’ve also had something small
    happen in my little world too.
    We need to keep talking about all this – even me – it’s hard to talk and
    stand up, especially when those who have done wrong are popular or have
    fandoms… Sexual abuse and manipulation are wrong. Full stop.

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