12 thoughts on “SEXUAL ABUSE, Anger, Rage, Self-hate – EFT

  1. This video is exceptional in its potential for healing a wound that is
    particularly resistent to treatment. Off and on for a couple of decades,
    I’ve sought treatment in a number of group and individual counseling
    situations and this video seems stronger in healing power than any of
    these. That, I believe, is because your courage in exposing your child’s
    sexual wound inspired me to expose my own for the healing that EFT offers.
    Thank you.

  2. This is really strong. I cried with you all the time. Although as well,
    felt relieved with you. The pain, the anger, the shame and guilt are still
    there, however I can see clearly now than I did before this session with
    you. Thank you for healing others, for healing my inner girl, while healing
    yourself. Thank you … We are strong and powerful now… None will ever
    abuse us again! Thank you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I have followed along several times. It touches
    and heals me on so many levels. Thank you and blessings.

  4. I tapped with this video months ago and then have avoided it since then . .
    . sure wish I’d been using it all this time because all of those feelings
    you tap on have been tormenting me all along. It was probably a part of
    myself that tries to protect me from painful feelings and memories, but,
    really, the only way for me to be free from them is to let them out and
    heal them with this video and other therapies like Parts Work, IFS and
    sleep hypnosis for anxiety and depression videos. Thank you.

  5. Thanks you are the best. Thanks so much.

  6. I understand your pain!! I had a family full of abusers.You have so much
    courage and strength to open up like that and bear your soul and your
    agony. And to end with so much positivity is impressive!

  7. It took more courage to post this than I can even comprehend. It took me
    days just to tap through to the end once. Thank you for not drawing back
    from that edge and THANK GOD for the tapping. Where would we be w/o it and
    the others (TAT, EFT, FEFT, PSTec, emdr, etc)- if I’d had these 15 yrs
    sooner my life would be completely different now. 🙁 Oh well, I’m not dead
    yet and I want what’s left of that better future. It’s mine. It’s up to me
    and I will not stop. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  8. Thank you and bless you for sharing such raw feelings and your past
    experiences. You have such a strong testimony of healing and grace. I hope
    whatever your calling is you can lift up others who are in the dark places
    you and many others have been. Once again God bless you for such openness
    and truthfulness. 70X70

  9. Wow this was awesome! Good job on your courage. I am glad you said the
    things you did because it helped me to see a lot about myself I didn’t
    think of but deep down I knew just didn’t realize it. You helped me bring
    the same exact feelings up and I feel thankful I found this. I cried right
    a long with you and got a lot of these stored up emotions out! Thank you so
    much for doing this!

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