23 thoughts on “SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza Sexually Abused At St. Rose Of Lima By Father John Castaldo?

  1. Evil visited Newtown long before Sandy Hook… Sandy Hook was, and is, the
    coverup of a larger evil.

  2. Interesting theory . One thing seems a little obvious, is the class pic has
    a similar “crazy eyes” photoshop effect . Which vid is the source o the
    class photo? Just when i thought i’d seen every pictureof this kid. Good

  3. I believe this to be the larger picture. Bishop Egan allowed the accused
    priests to relocate to other jobs even though they were facing sexual abuse
    charges. In 2009, after 8 years of public outcry, Connecticut kept the
    court cases secret and did not disclose what took place.

    There are many hints at occult symbolism surrounding Sandy Hook, and I have
    a good hunch that trauma based mind control is taking place and is
    widespread. Gun control and the other agendas could be the exoteric
    agendas given to the public, but with the passing of the non-disclosure
    bills after the Sandy Hook event, sexual abuse and other high governmental
    levels of corruption could be, and will be covered up. Considering that
    these sexual abuse cases did take place, the citizens of Connecticut should
    be ashamed of themselves for allowing it to pass. Now these lunatics can
    work under the guise of darkness.

    Great work here man! Keep it up.

  4. After watching this video for the third time, I am thoroughly disgusted
    with and agree with Joel that these scumbag predatory pedophiles all
    protect one another and they are most likely smiled upon from the stinking
    White House on down. All pedophiles stick together and protect each other
    don’t you know?! Additionally, who in their right mind would sanction a
    known pedophile priest to work directly with children or teens in ANY
    capacity unless they were doing it to cover their own asses?! This stinks
    to high heaven and it’s got “cover up” written all over it!

  5. those fishhead bastards really are up to their necks in every kind of
    sickness. here in ireland we have mass graves of children being unearthed
    with sickening regularity. the last was in galway, in a place known as “the
    3,000 wee children dumped in a cest pit.
    religion is an evil that, until it is somehow permanently stopped from
    being systematically indoctrinated into society mankind is fucked. frankly.
    it permeates schools, hospitals, politics everything with its patently evil
    doctrines and sick practitioners / wizards / warlocks / centaurs and fawns!

  6. I’ve always said The Catholic Church and Freemasons are a direct link to
    the Sandy Hook Hoax. Great video, Brother.

  7. He is the big elephant in the room :
    Where is , and was , the FBI in this scenerio?
    Who thinks that the FBI and the justice department would be complicit in
    the cover up alone for a ring of pedophiles! ?

  8. wow.. i would like info on the not “showcased” parents with kids ..
    think im going to try and tackle this on a few of em .. this vid is

  9. Anyway, I am convinced Lanza did nothing. He didn’t fire one single shot at
    Sandy Hook. He is another innocent being sacrificed on the public altar of
    false condemnation. Satanists love to make the public hate and lynch
    innocent humans.

  10. A powerful piece of investigative journalism Joel. My two sisters were
    child victims of Father Carl Wernet in Cleveland Ohio, yet never spoke of
    their psychologically damaging experiences for decades. The Catholic church
    argued against the attorney and won – didn’t believe them because of all
    the time that had passed, even though Wernet was notorious, had many
    contemporaneous accusers, and proven to have been protected by the
    Diocese. After his death in 1984, his personnel file was destroyed by the

    Notice Sandy Hook starts at 8:03am. Not 9:30, which is much too late.

    Adam was not alone on this and the St Rose of Lima connections have always
    hung over the massacre like a strange miasma. Someone called in the bomb
    threat to St Rose, along with subsequent threats – and that person may have
    the key to a motive. He may have been molested too.

    I have always suspected a connection here, especially due to the police
    confiscation of the SROL school records – while at the same time the
    OCA omitted his enrollment there. The cagy inconsistencies by Weiss, were
    suspect to me, as well as the death of the photographer who captured the
    simultaneous SWAT presence at SROL, and the photos of the caravan style
    parking at SROL, which can be seen from the areal footage of the SWAT
    surge. The OCA did NOT include the Danbury Hospital records, which seemed

    Perhaps Adam sued the church, demanded his records in the offices of both
    schools (thus the story of the altercation) then threatened them for not
    releasing records of the obviously protected Castaldo. They wanted him
    dead. Not just dead, but crazy – with a smashed hard drive and no trace of
    any social links. So, they created a recluse, and brought in
    Haller…..And in exchange for a favor to protect the church bigwigs, the
    administration got their NWO event.

    Starting to make sense Joel.

    Public records need to be public.

  11. Could John Castaldo be the doner of the Mystery DNA named as unknown felon
    note in the final report?if he raped a child and a rape kit was done that
    would be a good answer for why his dna would be in the system??

  12. Funny in the worst fucking way possible. Lenny Pozner told me something
    like this but it was in the form of an FBI report on Adam and his online
    life. And Adams ”sexuality” That Adam was in fact a pedophile. So the FBI
    claimed to Lenny Pozner. 

  13. Another ‘eyes wide open’ photo of Ryan/ Adam. It could be doctored as

  14. The Zionist/Catholic/Jesuit Masquerade has been allowed to exist for many
    centuries. First, through the Feudal era of popery and then into the 19th
    Century, of City States (ie: London – Vatican – Wash. DC) The ‘laws’ of
    these City States, in effect, re-wrote the “inalienable” rights of the
    People, and permitted a COVEN to exercise their Satanic Practices against
    the People & their CHILDREN. The Present ‘Laws of Man’ have
    barely attempted to scratched the surface of the Evil Deeds that this
    Coven has exacted upon the world. The ‘Laws of Man’ Do Not prevent crime,
    they Collect Money for crimes committed. EVIL is a Money Making Enterprise
    for the STATE & those who would ‘rule’ the world. Their Gun-grabbing
    Hoaxes should be Very obvious to the SANE People of America. The ‘others’
    are either Participants to the Evil or too ignorant (brain-washed) and
    lazy to understand the Peril, they are in. They care Not for their Future
    lives or those of their children. Basically, they are Minions of the
    Dark. NO Love or Light in them! 

  15. Vids like this one are the reason I think you’re one of the most thorough
    and objective people looking into SH. Thanks for your effort and I look
    forward to more.

  16. This is formidable information, Joel! You have a flair for connecting dots
    in the less explored areas. Bravo!!
    Quick question, if I may. That closeup shot (41 secs) of someone looking at
    the class picture in what appears to be a yearbook… where does that come

  17. Seeing what has recently come across the wire on Prince Andy,I’m looking at
    things beyond the 2A and 1A agendas too. Given Newtown’s avid
    satanic/masonic connections and transient resident community, does anyone
    think that the newly legislated “juvenile confidentiality” enactments,
    media bans attempted and laws being pushed under guise of SHS response may
    well be a larger scale cloaking or safeguard strategy for potential church
    high ups or other paedophilia/abuse exposes? Perhaps issues that are yet to
    be uncovered? This could give new meaning to “Sources close to the Vatican
    say “…

  18. pestilent fux,The Holy Roman Empire and all the European lovers of ‘the
    Venetian Model’ need to be Exposed fully

  19. G R E A T job. I had seen these pieces. Many I dig around for. You put it
    all together. I have looked at that class photo.. look at the expression on
    the eyes of other kids, like the blonde boy in front of him. A boy in the
    back row looks pissed off. Wonder what became of the other kids. I know
    some stuff about this that no one took the time to solve. I went hunting,
    and found more.. I don’t like to be the only one to care about scary stuff
    though.. tweeted. facebooked. not sloppy. Good title.. not cartoonish..
    easy to share.

  20. I’m a big BoC fan, such a fitting song for this bizarro world SH
    stuff…Gives me the creeps.

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