13 thoughts on “RAINN: The Secret

  1. Beautiful. Great work. Thank you for all you do to help the innocent child.

  2. Excellent PSA – will be adding it to my presentations and teaching. Thank
    you for all that you do to bring much needed awareness to sexual assault
    and rape.

  3. What is the song in the background? What a wonderful PSA. I’ve posted it on
    my Facebook and am spreading the message. If you’re abused, speak out. I

  4. @SydSydLyle No matter who you are, young or old, or in between, male or
    female, White, Black, Hispanic, Latino, straight, gay or bi, it can happen.
    and it happened to me when I was a kid. But I am stronger now, and that is
    why I am an advocate with RAINN.

  5. What a Load of CRAP!! RAINN do amazing work! If it wasn’t for RAINN I would
    not be hear today, an I in the UK an there Online help was what saved me!
    Helping some1 directly is a good idea in theory but really not always the
    best! RAINN says you ave the right to be listened too! Yes YOU may think
    these crimes are lower now but really they r not the population is bigger
    now and for half the crimes reported now another half lay unreported
    because they are scared!

  6. I just saw this ad a few days ago. I wish that I had this support system
    when I was young. I cried when I first saw this ad, I cried, for happiness!
    Maybe, one child will scream loud enough & say this is wrong!!!! There’s no
    reason children should have to live with this kind of hurt! I wish I had
    this support when I was young!

  7. You’re wrong! These crimes are on the rise. I was abused in the 80’s. The
    abuse never goes away!!! I hope that you find compassion. Children never
    deserve to go through this!

  8. I love your post! I didn’t have RAINN, while I was being abused. I love the
    ads on T.V. that tell children that they don’t need to be afraid. I love
    how children are told that they can “Tell”, & be safe! I saw RAINN’s ad
    three days ago, first the first time, I cried! I cried because someone will
    finally listen!

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