2 thoughts on “Punjab Politicians Insult Moga Bus Molestation Victim, Call Death ‘Accident’

  1. Joginder pal ( local MLA OF MOGA) …. HOW MANY WHISKEY BOTTLES DID YOU
    GIVE TO PEOPLE TO GET ELECTED IN MOGA ? … He is spending more time on
    offering Government job and compensation to family then actually talkiing
    about that girl who they killed. Molesting a 14 yr old girl…. You guys
    are sick and I mean real sick…… Not that small caught you did in your
    interview in front of camera and saying that you brought your sorry ass to
    the hospital to talk to the mother of the girl You guys are worse then
    pigs. Even pigs are honest with people around them. If this would have
    happen in Canada…. by now the Mayor would have resign. 

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