19 thoughts on “Pistorius Reenacts Shooting, Hot Car Death Speculation + Pope Molestation Apology

  1. The snake is in the pants! PERIOD!

  2. Oscar Pistorius is only guilty of negligent homicide. Period. End of

  3. Now THAT is the snappy Pope I remember.

  4. Sexting shows that he hated being married. He wanted to be single and child

  5. I don’t think the Oscar video comes across as sympathetic at all. It
    doesn’t show him as I took from his testimony, to be an amputee clinging to
    walls to stay upright, struggling. Instead it shows a relatively mobile
    Oscar Pistorius going forward at a decent walking pace, walking backwards
    relatively sturdy.
    I don’t understand why the video that they made shows him with his sister.
    Its not as if he’s getting charged with carrying Reeva down the stairs on
    his stumps. That’s just going for the “look at poor me on my stumps”
    sympathy vote.
    I see it as a jealous rage killing and whatever crime that is legally, he
    should be charged with and sentenced accordingly, in my opinion.
    I’m really amazed that in this fight for his freedom, he shows no signs in
    the courtroom of the infamous anxiety that he suffers from. Instead he
    almost looks smug.
    In my opinion he sees himself as able bodied, just like everyone else and
    has lived the majority of his life that way. He’s adapted but is now
    playing the disability card now that it suits him.
    I hope he gets the maximum sentence allowed but I feel he won’t. 

  6. As regards to ear witnesses, I can understand one person getting mistaken
    but I’m not having it that several were. I love the way Mike paints a
    picture of everyone being some kind of confused monkey who can’t decipher
    or remember anything.

    I do agree with him as regards to Oscar speaking to Reeva if she was beside
    him in the bed. I too find it very strange that you wouldn’t speak to the
    person you’re supposed to be protecting.

  7. Thank you, Allison Hope & Mike- for a great discussion & show, particularly
    regarding immigration issues! I very much agree with you on that, and
    appreciate your compassion & wisdom.

  8. The video hurts Oscar because it is in direct contradiction to his
    courtroom testimony. He said many times in court that after he fired at the
    door and didn’t hear from Reeva and feared she was in the bathroom he went
    back to his bedroom and put on his prosthetic legs. Then, we went and got
    her out of the bathroom. The video re-enactment shows Oscar carrying Reeva
    (weirdly played by his real life sister) out of the bathroom on his stumps.

  9. How many more excuses are they gonna give this guy. It’s amazing

  10. I wonder if dead Reeva was able to cling onto Oscar while he moved her
    from the toilet, like his sister did in this re-enactment. 

  11. Mike really is a defense attorney. Guess what Mike, some people know
    exactly what they’ve heard. But it seems to me that in that South Africa
    complex we’re supposed to believe that everyone’s hearing is faulty – the
    witnesses and Oscars. There must be some kind of Twilight Zone thing going
    on in that area.

  12. This is turning into the “Everyone is Innocent Show” you guys should write
    plots for Hollywood movies.

  13. It bothers me that the defence hinges on OP’s vulnerability. Unspoken is
    that fact that it was an unarmed woman who, once again in RSA, was the
    victim of this killing. More women are killed by their partners in RSA
    than anywhere else in the world. They are the vulnerable ones. OP was
    trained in the use of guns and enjoyed shooting them. Prosthetic legs or
    not, Reeva was the one whose vulnerability is indisputable.

  14. so is it south america or central america…make up your mind

  15. I do not like OP! He’s angry, arrogant, self pitying, manipulative and a

  16. Anyone following the trial at all knows he claims he cannot retreat, can
    barely move without his prosthetic legs. This is proof positive that he
    moves along just fine. Has this defense lawyer even seen the trial at all?
    Absurd to call it sympathetic.

  17. Now I’m reminded why I don’t like defense lawyers. What a skewed view.
    “Errant statements”? Who says? Preposterous speculation :that parents
    would think for one second they could leave their child in a car, ever, for
    any length of time. Good luck with those defenses.

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