24 thoughts on “Military Sexual Assault Reporting Up & That’s Actually Good News

  1. Of course it’s good news for TYT. I’d say 25% of what TYT covers is sexual
    assault/rape. So more content for them!

  2. 8% is a friggin JOKE. But at least they are feeling more comfortable
    reporting this. If men actually learned to RESPECT woman as well as other
    people, from their PARENTS, the reporting wouldn’t even be a story.

  3. I can’t speak for the American Military, but here in my country the
    Military is very strict on any type of sexual harassment, that goes either
    way. They are trying to get more women in to the army especially, when I
    tried out there was 125 men and 3 women. The women got some “special
    treatment” like when we got our uniforms and everyone had to stand nude
    outside before being allowed to put their uniform on, the women could go
    inside and change there. I don’t mind that, I can understand that they dont
    wanna stand outside nude when the ration is 125 to 3, but they are given
    the option. I just think it’s their loss, most of the guys just think it’s
    hilarious to stand naked outside. Boy will be boys.
    None of the women got in tho, but I’m happy to see more and more women with
    motivation try out, and as long as you have the same physical tests and
    standards as the men, then it’s no problem. They still have to shit in the
    forest like the rest of us, they still have to crawl in mud and run 8km’s.

  4. ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!! You claim that “they still haven’t changed the way sexual
    assault is reported.” I am an Active Duty Military person who can tell you
    first hand just how wrong you really are. The only constant thing about
    the Military is how much it changes year after year…. I have been in for
    7 years and would beg of you to please find a vet or active duty person who
    will give you the facts before you spout nonsense in ignorance….makes you
    sound like Fox News….you are so much better than that.

  5. When will Cenk apologise for the turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1453
    AD? My guess is never. Disgrace

  6. Did anyone in the comments actually watch the video. They plainly say more
    MEN are sexually assaulted in the military than WOMAN, because A. there’s
    less woman in the military and because B. people are assholes either way.
    Also, the men are getting sexually assaulted by MEN and woman.

    So people complaining saying woman shouldn’t be in the military or are
    liars is obviously on another level of stupid that is beyond human
    comprehension because most of the reports are by men.

  7. Anyone who signs up to be around the murdering,psychopathic, drug smuggling
    marauders that is the US military deserves to be raped. No sympathy.

  8. More rapes = good news O_o?

    I guess it’s because white men are the ones getting raped?

  9. Ok TYT Enough is Enough!!, why are you playing into the rape hysteria! You
    are aware that actual rapes have gone down over the years are you not?, You
    are aware they have changed the definition of rape and some interpretations
    are highly disputed, so why play into the HYSTERIA!, do you want all women
    and men to feel in there every movement a rapist is waiting in the
    shadows?, and don’t let me get started on the “believe a woman” campaign or
    the “don’t be that guy” campaign portraying every male as a rapist, who if
    you don’t remind him , he will forget and start raping, and yes you need
    something called evidence to lock someone away for decades! for fuck sake!

  10. Alot of angry closet fags in the army. And I would say %90 of marines. Same
    as most of the shit agro alphas do with their time. 

  11. Send all women soldiers to the front lines of all wars for the next 200
    years, let the men stay at home and take care of the children and eat

  12. another reason for allowing gays to serve openly in the military. finally
    the male on male rape that has always gone on stands a much better chance
    of being reported and prosecuted

  13. How do they know how many don’t come forward if they don’t, you know…come

    I’m sure there’z a way, but I can’t picture it.

  14. “why would you pretend you got raped in the military”

    A woman accused a friend of mine of raping her (same platoon) because he
    and her had a falling out and she wanted to hurt him and destroy his life,
    so actually some will make it up in the military just like a civillian
    would TO RUIN ANOTHER PERSONS LIFE ON PURPOSE. (he went to court and easily
    proved he didnt do it)

    To assume that nobody makes it up is pretty bad because if you dont attack
    the liars then those actually abused dont get believed.

  15. Maybe if command did not have the power and authority to pardon convicted
    rapists there would be less sexual assaults in the military. This is
    fucking disgusting, but an unfortunate historic reality of military life.
    There should be a mandatory death sentence for anybody convicted of rape in
    the military as it is a threat to combat readiness and national security. 

  16. There is no such thing as equality in the military, especially the double
    standard women have when it comes to physical standards. I witness the shit
    everyday in the Navy. **grabs popcorn**

    On a more serious note, they way assault is reported in the Navy at least
    is perfectly fine, imho. We have two routes or reporting, unrestricted and
    restricted, YOU CHOOSE WHAT ROUTE THAT GOES. Damn near all the SAPR (Sexual
    Assault Prevention Representative or something like that) advocates are
    women anyhow so if someone snitched to everyone about getting finger-banged
    at the Christmas party, you talked to much or the advocate said something
    and in that instance they are FUCKED. This is Navy side of the house.

  17. Well duh. Your surrounded by pussy ass white boys with guns. Someone’s
    bound to get raped or killed. The neanderthals army of white supremacy is
    no place for woman/minorities or anyone with a fully functional brain. It’s
    like letting a known pedophile watch your kids because he found god and
    He’s OK now lol.

  18. You dont have to go through the chain of command to report sexual assault..
    If you dont feel comfortable going to your commanding officer then you can
    go to someone else. If you go to your commanding officer, he/she will have
    no choice but to follow standard procedure and report it up to higher
    immediately, if not then then you can report your commanding officer for

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