25 thoughts on “It’s On Us: Sexual Assault PSA

  1. Sexual assault is horrible and im glad they are taking action! #ItsOnUs

  2. Youtube is full of selfish idiots. ‘Oh how could you PSA, for trying to
    make me feel bad about people other than meeeee! BOO HOO.’ And why do you
    people think rape is the only thing that counts as sexual assault anyway,
    and never once did they say that only women were victims.
    If the only response you morons can come up with is, ‘why should I be
    blamed for this?’ though what they were saying was to simply give a damn
    about what happens to others, then this vid pertains to y-o-u!
    Because caring about the safety of others is soooo horrible, and wrong, and
    an assault upon my freedoms!

  3. Fuck you. It’s not my responsibility to look after others. That’s their
    own responsibility.

  4. Every single anti-male campaign, It’s On Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

  5. Men always get treated unequally in the justice system and the court of
    public opinion. Why didn’t Hope Solo not lose her job for beating up her
    niece and boyfriend? You feminists, feminist movement supporters and
    homosexuals, don’t you ever forget we MEN built this great nation with our
    sweat and blood. ~Richard Parker

  6. I’m getting sick and tired of being lectured for shit I didn’t do.

    And now I care even less about this bogus “1 in 5” “sexual assault

  7. Reading some of the comments here I see a lot of ignorance. So many people
    are saying things like ‘don’t dress like a slut’. ‘Don’t walk down dark
    streets by yourself’ “don’t get drunk at parties, etc’. It amazes me that
    so many people will post this stuff without knowing anything about rape
    victims and rape offenders and where and why rape actually occurs.

    Most rapes occur within a one mile radius of the victim’s home or in their
    Most victims know and trust their attacker. They are their friends, their
    acquaintances and even the people they are dating.
    Most rapists groom their victims before attacking. This can take days,
    weeks, months, however long they feel is appropriate. Not one night at a
    Most rapists view rape as a sign of male dominance and masculinity. They
    don’t think it’s wrong, they think that it’s a way to assert themselves.
    Most rapists have very negative views and hateful views towards women.

    So tell me now, how is avoiding dark alleys at night supposed to save a
    woman from being attacked by her friend in her home? How is wearing more
    conservative clothing supposed to stop her significant other from taking
    advantage of her? How is not drinking at a party supposed to change a
    rapist’s negative views on women? People need to actually do research
    before they open their mouth and start blaming women for these things.

    And also, men are victims of sexual assaults as well but often don’t report
    it due to the negative stereotypes. So, tell me…was he dressing too
    slutty as well?

  8. Brb throwing up at some of these comments written by disgusting people. I
    knew the second I watched this video that there’d be insecure men in the
    comments section complaining about man-hating when really they just have no
    confidence in themselves and need to dominate women to feel good about
    themselves. This is heartbreaking. What is this . 

  9. It is NOT on me. I am no one’s unpaid bodyguard. Everyone, male and female,
    needs to take responsibility for making sound decisions. Common can kiss my
    ass, unless he is running a personal taxi service to get everyone home
    safe. This is a stupid campaign that will not have one shred of impact on
    sexual assaults. It is just going after the scared woman vote. 

  10. Why the fuck would someone down-vote this? Are there that many rapists
    browsing youtube?

  11. Guys, this video is not meant to accuse anyone of anything. It’s only meant
    to be a rallying cry. You don’t have to join some rigorous campaign or
    protest in the streets or anything like that. Help can come in form of
    sitting down next to a friend who’s been a victim and saying, “I’m here for
    you. Tell me what I can do.”

    If you have a problem with just that, then you are literally scum, and I
    don’t know what to say to you.

  12. Many people are enslaved to their sins such as lust and sexual immorality.
    All have sinned and broken God’s moral law of the ten commandments. The
    wages of sin is death then being thrown into hell for your sins. Jesus
    Christ gives forgiveness of sins and eternal life only to those who repent
    and put their faith in him. Those who reject Jesus Christ will be judged by
    their sins and cast into the lake of fire for eternity for their sins. Dont
    revel in your wickedness, today is the day for salvation. Bow your knee and
    cry out to Jesus Christ for mercy and saving faith.

  13. I see there are women represented as advocates of preventing sexual
    assault, but that is no bien – do you know how hawt it would be to be raped
    by a woman?

  14. Bullshit feminist propaganda, every man in this video has probably been
    castrated. Rape is natural.

  15. so many guys hating in the comment section. I should have known better
    before scrolling down.

  16. WTF are so many people getting so hostile over an innocent and well
    intentioned PSA like this? How the hell can anyone possibly be against this
    ad? Honestly some of you men in this comments section make me sick! I
    totally support this video. Kudos to the makers of it. Thanks for posting.

  17. Sigh. Such horrendous, arrogant, disgusting butt-hurt in this comments
    section. You know the internet is a horrible place when the people on there
    can’t even comprehend the basic idea of rape is bad.

  18. I don’t understand why everyone is calling this a feminist video or a video
    that promotes misandry.

    Everyone gets sexually assaulted: men, women, and children. The video is
    promoting awareness, not hate.

  19. I don’t think this video should even exist, its just a stupid video that
    won’t accomplish anything, its insulting to men and its feminist.

    Jesus christ women, go learn how to defend yourselfs, go get a handgun, go
    get your concealed carry permit already.

  20. This is asinine. “It’s on us to not look the other way.” If your moral
    compass is so broken that you’d even consider pulling a Penn State, then a
    PSA isn’t going to help you. I’ll start being less cynical about all of
    this when they start posting PSAs announcing that filing false rape claims
    is a crime, or pointing out that 70% of domestic violence is initiated by
    women. How about we start targetting the 1% of PEOPLE – not men, not
    women, but PEOPLE – who are monsters, instead of making this into a Marxist
    sex war?

  21. “To not blame the victim”.

    Telling people not to do dumb things is not blaming the victims. Telling
    people to lock the house door to prevent burglary is not blaming the
    victim. Telling people to stick to busy areas late at night in a rough town
    is not blaming the victim. Telling people not to reply to unsolicited
    emails with money is not blaming the victims. telling people to use a car
    alarm is not blaming the victim. Telling women not to get too drunk to
    function is not blaming the victim!

  22. everyone here commenting against this PSA is a rapist or someone who
    supports rape culture basically, because why else would you go against this
    WHY ELSE because your okay with rape that’s fucking why

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