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  1. I highly respect what you do and enjoy it very much but don’t you think
    that a child abuse victim might likely still be living in that situation
    and would not want to get caught watching this? I don’t know, just a
    thought, but nice video, Rob :D.

  2. I’m not a victim of child abuse in anyway, but I watched all 24 minutes of
    that and it was incredibly relaxing! Excellent video Rob!

  3. dear rob,i’m 28 and as a child abuse victim my self i want to thak you for
    making this. i was abused for over 12 yrs and i wish someone would have
    told me that it was ok to tell, it took 2 attempted suicdes before i told
    anyone, so i hope that you get thur to someone that might watch this video
    and is going thur this situation, that yes it is ok to tell! thank you very
    much!! 🙂

  4. @TheLastSliceOfPie as an abuse victim myself no i would not want to get
    caught watching this video BUT on the flip side kids need to know that it
    is ok to tell, and if this gets them to tell well the job well done to rob!

  5. Rob, this hypnosis might be good for sex abuse, but being now in my late
    40’s, I had a horrific childhood with a raging maniac for a dad. If I had
    told someone, I would’ve been dead. Kind of like how people in N. Korea
    pretend that they “love” their dictator. When living with a maniac,
    survival may mean not telling, surviving, then healing later in life. I
    told a teacher, but in the ’70’s the system wasn’t set up for protecting
    children who told. I once reported a (continued in next comment)

  6. By they way, I love your videos, and I use them, regularly…particularly
    the ones for PTSD. Wonderful! Thank you….and I hope you don’t mind my
    sharing in the last two comments about my personal experiences in telling.
    However, another family member told about a relative who was sex
    abusing…and it was a good thing she did tell.

  7. This was a very nice way to relax from the emotions I’m dealing with right
    now. I notice the comments below people are afraid at the idea of children
    telling someone about their abuse. This is a normal fear among the abused,
    fear of recrimination, as if the abuser was all-powerful in the face of
    society. It’s important for children to realize that abuse is a very
    serious thing, and that they should seek help from teachers and other
    adults who will contact the proper authorities.

  8. I could feel the heat from that fire. My arms pretty much melted into my

  9. I told and was punished for “saying awful things about a really nice
    person”. That was decades ago. Things are somewhat better now and because
    of widespread publicity and the whole horrid thing out in the open, lots of
    children can get help from telling someone. However, not always. There are
    still tens of thousands of people who don’t want to know. Also, many
    children are brutalized into believing their survival depends on them
    keeping silent. It’s all very sad. :.(

  10. Absolutely not! It is never never never the fault of the victim. Child
    abuse, or any other abuse is wrong, and reporting it is the right thing to
    do. However, if you do not report a crime like this, it does not make the
    victim responsible for the crime. It would be twisted and perverse to
    suggest this was so. Victims of violence need help and support. Abusers
    must be stopped. I hope this is clear, and that it is not possible to

  11. No, I do not agree with what you are suggesting. The aim of this session is
    to help victims get over or escape their ordeal. Exposing perpetrators is
    undoubtedly important, but that is not everything that this video tries to
    do. The object of this session is to help victims of child abuse not to
    feel guilt, even if the result of this could certainly be that aggressors
    may be held responsible. The responsibility and blame is totally on the

  12. people need to lay off rob, he’s only here to help, he’s not claiming he
    can solve all your problems and/or anything like that.with a military
    background i hardly get any sleep if any and now after watching his videos
    literally everynight , i have never made it to the end.” hello therrrrrre.,
    rob heeere agaaayne”. thanks for all your work you’ve uploaded, its helped
    myself a lot. dont worry about the nay sayers.they are everywhere in this

  13. Your video is wonderful. If they want to pick it apart they can go try to
    find a better one somewhere else. Doubt it so quit bitching or go away.

  14. you seem like an incredible man to do such a selfless service of helping
    others with such painful problems. The public is lucky to have access to
    what would normally cost hundreds of dollars for personal hypnosis
    sessions… we are getting for free. Be very grateful!

  15. I do agree that these people should be reported, but in my experience. When
    you tell no one listens or they don’t care or simply don’t believe you or
    put the blame on you rather than the other person. particularly if they are
    a very good liar.

  16. well I just wanted to thank you. I know this is weird and I wasn’t thinking
    about it. I listened to this 1 time… because it had been heavy on my
    heart. For years I didn’t have the courage to say anything. but the other
    day I just suddenly got this overpowering urge to tell on the person that
    did that to me. I blasted them on Facebook and it felt great! I feel
    liberated and like a very heavy burden is off my chest….!!!!! Like I was
    let out of a spiritual prison. thanks!

  17. and while it may have been humiliating for me to tell what happened to
    me… it didn’t feel nearly as bad as the shame and guilt I’ve been holding
    onto for nearly my whole life. What a relief. Keep helping people. I had no
    idea it was going to impact me like it did. i actually forgot I had
    listened to this when I stood up to those people… I guess it works…
    quite a coincidence that I happened to listen to this the night before. I
    didn’t even think about it. I just felt the courage to do it…

  18. know the truth and the truth shall set you free <3

  19. Seems strange doesn’t it. What you should try is, do some EFT tapping when
    it happens, thinking of your toe and everything, and see what happens. Good

  20. This video really helped me relax. It made me feel comfortable for the
    first time since the abuse.

  21. Are you kidding? Remembering & living through the reality of such
    horrendous violation and grieving what was lost/stolen are all part of the
    healing process! Wow.

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