3 thoughts on “How Can Counseling Help Survivors of Sexual Abuse

  1. Hi Brad, I was Sexually Abused by my Mother, Granddad, and my Uncle growing
    up. I wanted to answer your question. You are correct in that it can not
    make it untrue or it can’t make it not happen. The problem with being
    Sexually Abused as a child is it sort of stops us from growing emotionally.
    We are forever stunted in our emotional and our psyche development. Our
    emotions and how we view things in life are forever changed! Talking about
    it can help you change your future!

  2. Talking to someone can help you with dealing with any nightmares,
    flashbacks and memories that pop up when we least expect it! Although you
    can’t change what happened you CAN change what it means! It can change how
    you view what happened, how you look at yourself from here on out and to
    make sure you don’t carry this in your heart forever. I hope you will think
    about what I wrote and will consider it. Many Thanks! Nancy 🙂

  3. @ nancy little please could you send me a message I don’t know how to work
    this thing

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