3 thoughts on “Dr. Ochberg’s thoughts on the current discussions of Military Sexual Assault

  1. According to statistics compiled by the Defense Department, males are more
    likely to be sexually assaulted in the military than females. However, as
    usual, our society focuses on the sexual victimization of females to the
    complete exclusion of the other gender. There’s no doubt that females
    serving in the military should be protected from sexual assault. However,
    where are the voices addressing the issue of male sexual assault? Where’s
    the Congressional outrage? Where’s the basic compassion?

  2. The hypocrisy of this mentality is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Men are
    completely edited out and silenced at every step. I’m a CSA survivor, and 5
    years ago, I needed to talk to men about it. No groups, nothing available.
    Millions of $ for women, lots of centers, etc. I started a group, very
    successful, lots of men helped, and the sexual assault center killed it
    off. They hate men, pure and simple. Invisible War ironically makes male
    victims invisible. By intention. First do no harm doctor.

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