25 thoughts on “Childhood Dreams – Penn State

  1. Speechless after watching this…..Thank you for the beautiful video, words
    and view of Penn State and its students. This is the REAL Penn State….a
    community of caring, passionate, intelligent and hurting students and

  2. thank you for making this. As a current student, I can really relate to
    everything in the song. It was very touching and brought tears to my eyes

  3. what an awesome video, i hope i m accepted into penn state and i can join a
    community this strong

  4. Awesome video. A friend of one of the co-creators. Let me assure you that
    the driving force of this song and video is to represent the victims and
    the tragedy that occurred, not to show PSU in a better light. Awesome job
    Joe B, great result and great message. We Are!

  5. @garrettharshman gave me chills when I read this.. Welcome to the Penn
    state family.

  6. Not an alum, just an Anti-ChildAbuse advocate who knows too many victims.
    Thx for expressing a message to victims, and a warning to empty-souled

  7. I’m sorry but this is turning into the biggest self pity fest I’ve ever
    seen. Could we spare the feel good songs that only benefit yourselves and
    actually do something useful with your time??? Rally Harrisburg to reform
    mandated reporting laws, train your dog to calm sex abuse case victims in
    court, donate money to agencies like the YSB or volunteer your time to
    mentoring at-risk kids. This sap won’t help anyone.

  8. Beautiful Song(: i will always love penn state its just a fun area

  9. this is beautiful. i am so proud to know i am going to be apart of this
    wonderful community next year..

  10. What a touching and heart-felt song for the molested and abused children of
    the world. To those of you at Penn State…you were, are and will continue
    to be a class-act. NEVER let one spoil all. -A Bowling Green State
    University grad of 1977.

  11. We are now partnered with Darkness to Light and 100% of the proceeds from
    the sale of this song, now available on iTunes, will go directly to them.
    Help us as we seek to help victims of sexual abuse.

  12. I am glad for the media attention this has been given, although some are
    upset by the publicity. I’m hoping ppl come away realizing that there are
    many sick ppl in this world who aren’t exactly “monsters.” There are very
    sick ppl who have goodness to them as well & it can be covered up. We need
    to be more aware of this. Child abusers can look like good ppl b/c there
    are no obvious “monsters.” Look for the things that don’t feel right & get

  13. @JoeConradSS heard you telling Kim about this song- thought I’d check it
    out too:) beautiful – lyrics… music… message- love it:) well done

  14. There is/was 1 monster. I care very deeply about the victims but the
    football program had NOTHING to do with it. 

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