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  1. Ched Evans. Comprehensive, balanced review of the case, ending with my

  2. “Drunk sex is rape” hope the police have enough cuffs lying around on that

  3. Joel on Ched Evans. What should happen now? Was he guilty? All answered

  4. Can we not compare this to Luke McCormick’s case who killed 2 brothers aged
    only 8 and 10. Their lives were ended. Their parents lives made tragically
    worse, the knock on effect of family + friends. There was conclusive proof
    he was over the limit and killed innocent people by drink driving. Ched
    Evans’ case is hard. There is no real conclusive proof and a lot of it can
    be contradicted (www.chedevans.com or something like that) has lots of
    proof for Ched, which is decent proof.

    If Luke McCormick can get a job back in football and be allowed back after
    KILLING children, then why can’t Ched after rape? (Which as much as
    anything could’ve been a mistake/misunderstanding and have no conclusive
    proof) It is like saying “Rape is worse than murder”. Whether Luke should
    have a job is very debatable, but if he can why can’t Ched?

    Good video though :)

  5. I agree Joel. Ched Evans at the time also had a girlfriend, you can look
    into that in which way you want to. I think Ched Evans is just one of those
    “lads” who doesn’t realise what rape is. I think he should be allowed to
    play again, IF a club will sign him. Although I’d be a fan who boos him and
    I’d also support clubs pulling sponsors off the cub he signs for. 

  6. Completely agree, I made a poem on this but got A LOT of hate. Any chance
    you could check it out?

  7. Was Ched Evans drunk when they had sex or was it just the girl?

  8. This is incredibly well explained and thought out. Another big well done to
    you Joel!

  9. “if you’re too drunk to drive, you’re too drunk to give consent.” Disagree.
    One pint of Stellar or one large glass of wine puts you ‘over the limit’…

  10. It’s a tough moral issue. For me, I would not offer him another contract.
    He is guilty in my opinion, and Sheffield have no requirement to supply him
    with employment, and would tarnish the clubs reputation. He will already
    have enough money to get by anyway, and will only get more abuse by
    entering such a highly publicised form of employment. Great video by the
    way, really helped me formulate my opinion.

  11. Good argument mate. Honestly think he is innocent based on the fact of
    several of her tweets and also the fact that she ‘tidied up’ her facebook
    before the trial. Here’s some of the tweets which suggest she is trying to
    get money out of the settlement.
    ‘Remind me never to tell @XXXXXXX when I win big!….. She’s going to kill
    me! #scaredformylife! Haha!’

    ‘@XXXXXXX I will get us matching pink Mini Coopers! Haha! Just seen them
    pictures on Facebook, I forgot bout XXXXXXX! Haha! X’

    ‘@XXXXXXX I’ll make all your dreams come true XXXXXXX haha.’

    ‘@XXXXXXX aww,well obvs I’d treat us to an amazing holiday x’.

  12. Ched Evans = rapist. Fuck him. Get him as far away from football as
    possible or any position where he is respected or revered. I loathe rapists
    and macdonald should’ve been convicted too; if not rape for some-kind of
    abuse or something. What’s even worse is that this total imbecile doesn’t
    even realise the legitimacy of the crime he committed therefore he can’t be
    rehabilitated and shouldn’t be allowed back into the dream life of
    football. Brilliant vid Joel, just wish there were more :'( lol 

  13. Burn the rapist on a cross!!! Okay that was a bit far plus I hail from the
    same religious decent as Joel and a cross wouldn’t be appropriate ;P

  14. Justified views, something that is lacked in this world. Great video as
    always Joel.

  15. Just found this channel. Subscribed you seem like a great guy with a
    passion for football and up for a chat! Great video!! 

  16. Mate you really need to slow down when you’re speaking

  17. He should be hired by any football clubs or be hired any other sport as its
    same as football being role models

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