25 thoughts on “192 Sexual Issues & Emotional Conditioning โ€” Robert Smith, FasterEFT

  1. Robert, this is brilliant : )! Well done and well stated. I really like the
    post card editing. Thank you : )!

  2. Thank you Robert for your continued labor of love. Peace to you .

  3. Sincerely spoken Robert. It would truly be liberating if, once and for all,
    the taboo’s and shame associated with sex could be dissolved. It really
    does begin with the individual. Thanks for your courage Robert. Well done.

  4. Thanks so much for your clarity. I’m going back to do some more tapping. As
    i listened to you I had several aha! moments. You are truly an inspiration.
    I just realised my issue is around rejection. I always expect it so sooner
    or later it happens. Now I know what to tap on. Thank you for your gift to
    the world.

  5. Very profound and interesting! Thank you! It’s so true that so much in our
    lives is controlled by our sexuality. It’s quite difficult to explore our
    sexual pattern though, for as we pull on one thing, another one comes up.
    It’s all entangled and one doesn’t know where to start.

  6. Are you saying no one is really gay Robert? I am a lesbian and i was never
    sexually abused ever. Ever since i can remember i had crushes on girls and
    would fall in love with girls. I am happy in my relationship of two years.
    when we have sex it is so emotional and beautiful and makes me very happy
    and fullfilled. i am sad when i teacher i respect tells me this is abnormal
    and needs a cure

  7. This man is spot on! I had my innocence systematically robbed from me at
    age 4 to 13, by males and females, who were supposed to protect and nuture
    me. It took a long time for me to get over intimacy and trust issues with
    both males and females. I decided at the age of 22, to begin my healing –
    it took years to heal myself. Healing can be done but it’s never easy!

  8. That makes sense. thanks for your reply. i guess i sometimes take things
    the wrong way when people mention homosexuals turning straight as i have
    had so many people tell me that i need to in the past. they are my hurts to
    heal and i am sorry for jumping to conclusions. peace and love to you. nat
    ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  9. my husband was sexually damaged since he was like 5 years old had sex with
    brothers and sisters it was always an issue in our marriage because he felt
    guilt. He never manage to get past it and eventually it ended our sex life.
    Sex to him is power, he wants to cause pain and uses sex to do it, finally
    I had to end our sex life, it just became too much for me too painful.
    today we are just room mates until my youngest son is old enough for me to
    leave, but he does not know that.

  10. Well, ending the guilt and anger with what had happened will give freedom.
    It is not good to hurt anyone and not even oneself. Sexual issues are HUGE
    and are so painful, harmful and then wonderful, pleasurable, awesome and

  11. Sorry, lol. I didn’t mean for it to sound like that. I’m just a
    straight-to-the-facts kinda guy when it comes to things like this and I
    just put that there for others who are the same way. I’m going to re-word
    it right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ But anyway, meant to say GREAT info!

  12. great video, question: I have been tapping for a long time on all the
    feelings/situations from the past around my dominant father and it helpt, I
    dont have bad emotions anymore when I think of the stuff that has happend.
    BUT I still am submissive and attracted to older men. why is this??? my
    relationship with my father is also so much better then ever and I really
    feel free and in control. hope you have an idea. Janneke

  13. @MsUtopiaable There are many reasons or ways. It has a lot to do with your
    emotional attachments and feelings you have towards older men. Some have
    had sexual experiences with older men, feelings of being important, feeling
    of security, being submissive and being cared for is another emotional
    condition. There are so many emotional reasons for this but the common is
    having older sexual or emotional relationships.

  14. Hello, I have a question. I am a 23-year-old woman, was sexually abused
    several times when i was 5.I have observed tht i have always been wary of
    men, in fact, i have never had sex. This puts a lot strain in my
    relationships with men because i am not able to open up sexually. I want to
    have sex but my body shuts off. I am so troubled by tis because i want a
    healthy sexual experience bt unable to. Can you please share your Thoughts
    on this? Thanks for your posts, they have helped me a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. You talk about spanking as if it’s this weird fetish..lol, it’s not THAT
    weird, lots of people like to be spanked, lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Please stop pretending you do care for and respect GLBT people. One minute
    you say it is GLBT people’s decision to be the way they are and the next
    you play mind games manipulating their fears of rejection and deeply seated
    sense of guilt that have been hammered down on them by people of your
    mindset. You target the most vulnerable individuals who have been
    marginalized twice by your hypocritical ethical codes. Your logic does not
    work right: (More coming!)

  17. You hold an inconsistent view about the cause of homosexuality both as a
    result of “same-sex” abuse and as a reaction to “opposite-sex” abuse. Your
    logic is built on double standards in that you set very clear boundaries
    between heterosexual consensual sex and sexual abuse perpetrated by persons
    of the opposite sex, while you play foul by equating consensual, nonviolent
    and caring sexual contact among GLBT persons with sexual abuse coming from
    persons of the same sex.

  18. The content of the video is not about sexual orientation and there is no
    judgement on what you are choosing to do with your sex life. Sexual
    experiences do affect your sexual likes, dislikes and even orientation. It
    is just how it all works.

  19. I’m happy that you can “emotionally feel” somethings, but I very much doubt
    that you can “rationally reason out” what these feelings mean. BTW the man
    claims he doesn’t utter a single negative word about glbt community so what
    do you actually “believe” (you would probably say: “feelingwise
    emotionalize”, LOL)? It looks as if you need more practice on reading,
    written expression, and punctuation : “what WE’RE told” (as in “we are”).
    More knowledge & empathy can make you free of silly opinions

  20. Robert on this video talks about sexual issues, which, as any other
    problem, are very commonly developed from past experiences. (Even

    192 Sexual Issues & Emotional Conditioning โ€” Robert Smith, FasterEFT๏ปฟ

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