Stages of Grief for Sexual Abuse Victims

Stages of Grief for Sexual Abuse Victims

grieving abuseAny victim of sexual abuse would feel deprived of something that will take time to acquire back. They grief and mourn that trauma they have been through. Grieving is not only a negative response, but it also helps to deal with a situation and move on.

An abused child will be grieving loss of innocence. After abuse, if it involved a child you will find that he or she will not have the privilege to enjoy childhood. It may go to adulthood whereby the abused person will choose to keep off the opposite sex to an extent that they fail to marry or get married thus jeopardizing his or her future.

Losing the people we love brings grief. Problems and failures make us grieve. It is difficult to handle a sexually abused child and the kind of grief he or she goes through after the trauma. Grieving will help any person get over any kind of assault and move on.

There are stages that one has to go through when grieving. They include state of being shocked, depression, denial and acceptance. It is not an easy task to get through the stages of grieving. A grieving person will be incapable of doing his or her tasks because they are immobilized without choice.

The abused person will then be left in a state of denial. It is difficult to get in terms with whatever happened. A victim will try to imagine that it never happened while in the real sense there is pain involved. Denial is a state that paralyses the healing process and prevents the person from moving on.

After the trauma is over the victim, the healing process will follow. The victim is now able to allow other people come in to help. By acceptance, the victim is able to cope and heal all the wounds.

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